Environmental, Social and Governance Values

Foundations: Integrity, Honesty and Trust

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE in achieving corporate objectives while following best business practices and maintaining high operational standards for all stakeholders. Ensuring comprehensive and consistent training for all workers and contractors while providing structured and safe working environments. As well, a thorough code of conduct that every employee receives, in their own language, and agrees to uphold.

DEMONSTRATE RESPECT for people, their cultures and the environment with a focus on the health and wellness of employees and involved communities.

PURSUE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION across all activities while actively making efforts to avoid group think and welcome and encourage critical reasoning.

MAINTAIN TRANSPARENCY through clear, open and consistent communication. Collaborate using ethical and productive dialogue for the benefit of all interested parties in order to maintain a high standard of business ethics.

DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY while exploring the Company’s portfolio of projects through regular education and careful consideration of environmental protection, restoration, social development and economic growth of the parties involved.

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